Exec Board

Meet the Exec board and learn about their positions

Master Alchemist Neha Manoharan

Neha is the Master Alchemist meaning she is in charge of our chapter and leads our chapter meetings and rituals. She loves the Brotherhood of AXS. Neha is a Senior with majors in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Vice Master Alchemist: Ethan Mickelson

Ethan is the Vice master alchemist meaning he assists the Master alchemist and is in charge of the pledging. Ethan's favorite AXS memory is making blankets with his brothers. Outside of AXS, Ethan loves playing video games, Being an AI and playing with his cat Doctor. Ethan is a biochemistry major and wants to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering and is ultimately interested in research and teaching as a professor.

Assistant VMA:Kara Davis

Kara is the VMA and she apprentices the Vice Master Alchemist in planning and running rush and pledgeship, so that she can take over when he graduates. Kara's favorite AXS memory is going on one-on-one wyvern dates because she can meet so many new brothers. Outside of AXS, she is involved in IU Dance Marathon, College Ambassadors, Intra-Collegiate Emergency Medical Service and EMT at Recreational Sports. Kara is a Junior majoring in Human Biology and after graduates she plans on gaining more experience working with patients in healthcare before attending school to become a physician assistant.

Master of Ceremonies: Olivia Duncan

As Master of Ceremonies she is in charge of organizing and executing all the major ceremonies for the chapter. Her favorite AXS memory is getting her bigs and celebrating with our potluck. Outside of AXS Olivia is a researcher in the Gerdt Laboratory focusing on the influences of microbial natural products on bacteriophage infectivity. In her free time, Olivia enjoys reading Stephen King novels, hiking, watching movies and spending time with her friends. She is majoring in biochemistry with a minor in Spanish and hopes to get her PhD in chemistry and get a job she enjoys.

Treasurer: Thomas Weir

As treasurer Thomas deals with all things related to the finances of the chapter, the main things being dues collection and setting the chapter budget. His favorite AXS memories come from pledgeship, and growing closer with everyone in his pledge class. Outside of AXS, he is in a research lab on campus where they examine the anticancer effects of a group of molecules called enediynes. Thomas is a Biochemistry major and after he graduates, he will be begin working at Eli Lilly as a manufacturing scientist. He hopes to find something he loves to do, and leave a positive impact there.

Master of Webs: Joe Tankersley

As Master of Webs, Joe is in charge of maintaining the website as well as being in charge of the electronic communication within the chapter. His favorite AXS memory is AXS movie night. Outside of AXS Joe workings in the Ye Lab, is a member of IU's quiz bowl team, and loves reading. Joe is a Chemistry major and wants to get his PhD in Chemistry and work in the remediation of pollutants.

Health and Safety Officer: Alanna Wu

As Health and Safety Officer Alanna is responsible for preventing hazing and ensuring the safety of members at all events and meetings. This includes education about alcohol awareness, Narcan training, etc. Alanna's favorite AXS memory was the Christmas party and Secret Santa exchange! (Shoutout to the Brotherhood committee for organizing it). Outside of AXS, Alanna volunteers with Bloomington Mask Drive and IC-EMS and she also works in Crystal's Comparative Cognition lab on campus! Alanna is Júnior Psychology B.S. major with a minor in Public Health. She wants to go to medical school and become a OB/GYN.

Recorder: Aleksandra Manojlovic

As recorder she is in charge of recording executive board meeting minutes and chapter meeting minutes and sending those out in emails. Her favorite AXS memory is the cupcake party she had with her pledge class where they all got together to make and decorate cupcakes. Outside of AXS she is involved with Swim Club at IU. She is an Exercise Science major. Eventually she I would like to go to graduate school and continue to study kinesiology. She would love to do research at a university, along with being able to teach students as well. Also she wants to adopt another cat

Apparel Chair/Alumni Secretary: Megan Hess

As apparel chair, she works with the chapter to create and find designs and styles that excite everyone. I then work with UnderGround Printing to make people's wishes become reality. For Alumni Secretary, she keeps the Epsilon alumni informed on chapter events and general updates. Her favorite AXS memory is getting Taco Bell after her pledge class was inducted. Outside of AXS, she works as an Organic Chemistry tutor in the athletic's department, is a research assistant in the Social Roles Lab in the psychology department, and is mother (to cats). She is a Human Biology and Psychology major with a Gender Studies minor. She would like to go to law school and either practice international law or work in public policy. Either way she would like to work to combat women's issues transnationally.

Volunteer Chair: Brandon Boldt

As volunteer chair he organizes and leads service events through the Chapter. His favorite AXS Memory is sweeping the AXS Olympics in the Spring. Outside of AXS, he is the President of Alpha Phi Omega and a member of Biology Club here at IU. He is majoring in Biology and wants to go to medical school and become some type of doctor (TBD).

Brotherhood Co-Chair: Kiah Royse

As brotherhood chair she plans fun activities for the members of our chapter. Her favorite AXS memory is going to a pumpkin patch and riding the hay ride together. Outside of AXS she is involved in the Mush@IU club, Beekeeping Club, and Veg@IU. She also does fungi and plant research in a lab at Myers Hall and she works at the Biology building as a Lab Prep Assistant and hosts the Fungi Friends podcast. She is majoring in Biology with minors in Environmental Science and History and hopes to study mushrooms in a research lab to figure out the medicinal applications of them, such as how they may be the solution for Alzheimer’s and certain types of cancer

Professional Chair: Maeve Reilly

As professional chair she coordinates events for brothers related to career and professional development. Her favorite AXS memory is bridge painting with her pledge class during pledgeship. Outside of AXS she is involved with Indiana Model UN and Undergraduate Research in the Brown Lab. She is a Biochemistry major and plans on going to graduate school for Biochemistry after graduating, and hopes to work in agricultural or pharmaceutical chemistry in the future.

Brotherhood Co-chair: Marissa Moore

As brotherhood chair she likes planning fun events for all of the brotherhood. Her favorite AXS memory is our Friendsgiving. Outside of AXS she is a part of the student leadership council for PACE. She is a Psychology major with a minor in leaders and leadership. She would like to become a relationship therapist.

Social Media Chair: Antara Deshmukh

As social media chair, Antara creates posts and manages our social media presence to let everyone know what epsilon is doing. Her favorite AXS memory is bridge painting with her pledge class. Outside of AXS, she is a member of School of Public Health Student Government and a barista at a local coffee shop in Bloomington. She is majoring in Epidemiology and wants to work in public health internationally to fix many systemic issues that affect women! Whether that is furthering prenatal care or working on other pressing issues.

Sports Chair: Abbey Landini

As sports chair for AXS, she manages intramural registrations for AXS. Her favorite AXS memory has been the paddle painting night my pledge class did together. Outside of AXS, she works as an EMT with Rec Sports, and volunteers as an EMT with IC-EMS on campus. She is also a member of American Medical Women's Association. Additionally, she works as a patient care tech at the hospital. When she not doing these things, she loves to run long distance. She is majoring in Chemistry and Hispanic Literature. She hopes to attend medical school after she graduates and is interested in neurology and cardiology. She also wants to run a marathon in every state, but "that's a whole other beast".

Formal Chair: Nicole Bargamian

As formal chair Nicole is in charge of planning formal. Her favorite AXS memory is winning Field Day with some of her best bros! Outside of AXS, she is the President of Dental Club at IU and a flutist in All-Campus Band. She is a Biology major with a minor in Music Studies. After she graduates she plans on becoming a dentist.